Dr Harriss attended Future Beauty and Aesthetics 2024 in Dublin this weekend…

Learning and listening to other medical colleagues has reinforced that Dr Harriss’ vision for Revibe and her ethos is very much at the forefront of the Aesthetics and Wellness industry. With the treatments being discussed that are revolutionising the Aesthetics world and phenomenal results are already being offered at RevibeHQ and Dr Harriss is performing treatment packages and treatments in conjuction with eachother to give the best results.

The treatments on everyones lips were polynucleotides and exosomes and how regenerative, naturally derived treatments that encourage and enhance your own cells is replacing the more well known synthetic treatments such as fillers and biostimulators. It was interesting how it was suggested that a combination of these treatments would be the future of Aesthetic medicine yet Dr Harriss has already understood how combining the science can achieve exponential results and has been trailblazing such combinations at RevibeHQ.

A huge influx of energy based devices for overall wellness was also visible, with our Emerald laser and Potenza radiofrequency microneedling being at the forefront of this new motion.

Dr Harriss has a huge interest in overall wellness, bio hacking and holistically treating individuals and this is evident in her consultations and as many of you may have experienced during your treatments as only the smallest mention of a concern can often see her delve into your lifestyle and health and often she can recommend tests to undergo, natural supplements or behaviours to address.

As more and more people taken their health and wellness into their own hands we are here to support you on that journey, both as you start and as you continue towards a healthier, rejuvenated and revibed you.