Observ 520x Skin Scan

Time It Takes

30 minutes – 60 minutes

Cost of Treatment

From £50

Recovery Time


Observ 520x

Your skin is built up of multiply layers, many skin conditions can be missed by the naked eye. The Observ 520x uses patented skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology to reveal true skin conditions. Using the Observe 520x will identify skin conditions by exposing the skin to true, safe, fluorescent UV light to reveal the skin’s surface and sub-surface characteristics and patterns.

What is a skin scan?

A skin scan is a great way to see what your current skin condition is like. This allows us to identify imbalances and enables us to address the concerns by creating a bespoke treatment plan to help improve your skin quality and appearance. The system is enhanced by state of the art before and after treatment comparisons, an invaluable feature for client follow ups, while the built-in client database stores each client’s analysis snapshots and consultation notes.

The benefits of a Skin Scan with Observ 520X

  • Discovers signs of aging skin
  • Identify treatments areas dynamically
  • Reveals treamtment effect
  • Identifies all skin concern’s and conditions