is clinical medical garde skincare

Time It Takes

30 minutes

Cost of Treatment

From £75

Recovery Time


Is Clinical

The iS CLINICAL skin care collection contains unique proprietary ingredients developed by the brand’s in-house medical and scientific team. The range includes products designed to cleanse, hydrate, protect, treat and rejuvenate the skin, creating full skin care regimens with the formulas.

The botanical, pharmaceutical grade, clinically proven ingredients in the skincare range, associated peels and the infamous Fire and Ice Facial can be used by patients who are pregnant or have medical concerns including being immunocompromised, cancer and lymphoma which often rules out active protocols.

What is a Fire & Ice Facial?

The iS CLINICAL Fire & Ice Facial is a results led intensive clinical treatment, combining glycolic acid with retinol to resurface your skin, treat problematic skin, reduce fine lines, smooth and encourage cellular renewal. The facial comprises of two professional treatment masques combined with carefully selected iS CLINICAL pharmaceutical grade formulations to optimise results and create a treatment that bridges the gap between a mild facial and an invasive peel.

Step by step guide of Fire and ice facial


(Intensive Resurfacing Masque)

Provides aggressive exfoliation without residual peeling
Increases microcirculation (contains niacinamide –vitamin B3; may result in temporary redness indicating the desired increase in circulation)
Immediately smooths and polishes your skin
Increases cellular metabolism
Restores healthy glow to dull complexion
Helps unclog congested pores
Helps reduce pore size


(Rejuvenating Masque)

Provides powerful hydration

Imparts cool, refreshing sensation

Delivers a combination of soothing botanical antioxidants

Soothes post-procedural erythema

Revitalises aging and compromised skin

Helps treat inflammation