Look and Feel Your Best

Welcome to ReVibe HQ, the place where innovation and science meets wellness. Our ethos is not to change how you look but to restore and rejuvenate your skin, body and mind.

You are unique and at ReVibe HQ we respect that, however we also understand that as we mature and get older it changes and we may start thinking about how we can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, prevent signs of ageing and restore our youthful glow.

Dr Harriss and her team of Medical Aesthetic Practitioners have over 30years of experience in the Beauty, Laser and Aesthetics Industry and constantly attend conferences and training to ensure that we are offering the most innovative and most importantly effective treatments; From skin care to medical grade procedures including Laser, we can tailor your treatments to achieve your desired results.

We believe as holistic practitioners that our treatments should be tailored to the individual to address their concerns but also educate in prevention. This is why although you may come to us to address a specific concern or a particular treatment we may suggest a combination of treatments in order to give you the best possible results.

Our philosophy is that when you look good, you feel good and vice versa so and by investing in yourself, you will see and experience the results and radiate confidence and well being.

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4 most common things people do that damage their skin!

🤍Stop wearing SPF in the winter (SPF should be worn all year round)
🤍Sleeping with makeup on
🤍Popping spots/picking at your skin
🤍Not cleaning their bedding regularly

We have treatments to suit all concerns here at ReVibeHQ🤍 ...

Profhilo is great for patients looking for the ultimate hydration to their complexion, as well as improvement in skin tone and texture. Profhilo is highly effective when carried out alone or also in combination with our other treatments such as one of our amazing Hydrafacials! ...

✨Before & after glow of a Hydrafacial✨

What makes a Hydrafacial different from other facials❔

✔️Lymphatic Drainage
✔️Different kinds of exfoliation
✔️Different Peel options
✔️Corrective booster serums
✔️Add-ons like Lip Perk and Eye perk
✔️LED Light therapy
✔️Keravive for scalp health

What is a skin scan❔

A skin scan is a great way to see what your current skin condition is like. This allows us to identify imbalances and enables us to address the concerns by creating a bespoke treatment plan to help improve your skin quality and appearance.🤍