About us

Dr Cerise Harriss has a wealth of experience working within the medical and health profession, as a dentist, a Specialty Doctor in head and neck cancer and also an interest in nutrition, skin and overall health.

Her vision is to create a clinic where all of these worlds combine to create the ultimate wellness environment. ReVibe HQ is a medical based clinic that is able to support our patients in their goals and achieving holistic wellness.

All the equipment at ReVibe HQ is medical grade, which means we are able to make bespoke treatments plans to address all of your concerns. This is a safe environment where our patients are treated by medical professionals who will use their expertise to guide you towards the right treatment which is best suited for you.

The staff here are excellently trained and all have a real passion for skin, wellness and customer service. Keeping up to date with latest treatments and equipment we are always maintaining a high quality service and professional standards.

If you feel good, you look good and if you look good you feel good.


  • Face and Body Treatments

  • Skin specific concerns including Anti-ageing, Acne and Scarring, Pigmentation and Laxity

  • Surgical Procedures and Post Surgery Recovery

  • Relaxation and Wellness